Our Winter Virtual Strength and Stride Program will begin on Sunday, December 13th and run for ten weeks through Sunday, February 28th. Stick to your goals this winter by running stronger and longer with us!

This program offers two tracks:

  • 5K to 10K Program for runners who are currently running a minimum of 2-3 miles at a time, 2-3x/week (5-10 miles/week)
  • 10-Miler to Half Marathon Program for runners who are currently running a minimum of 3-5 miles at a time, 3-4x/week (10-20+ miles/week)

This program will focus on a gradual buildup of mileage, while incorporating tempo work to build speed endurance. The program will also feature runner-specific strength and mobility workouts to develop a strong foundation, prevent injury, and improve efficiency.  This schedule is flexible to account for winter weather, and for those who have access, workouts will be adaptable for the treadmill.  All runners will have a comprehensive schedule on the Final Surge online platform/app and access to Zoom calls featuring guest speakers and coaching topics.

Registration for this 10-week program is $110. Register here.

For a more individually tailored program, particularly for those targeting a spring marathon or looking for a customized approach for specific distance or time goals, check out our private virtual coaching services.

Questions? Email JulieandLisa@runfartherandfaster.com


Written by: runfarfast