RFF → BOS Virtual Group Training Schedule

In 2021, runners accepted into the Boston Marathon will have the unique opportunity to run this historic race in the fall, on October 11th, 2021. After running 27 Boston Marathons collectively, we are excited to use our firsthand knowledge of the Boston Marathon to help runners train over the summer months for this one-and-only fall Boston Marathon experience.

While we will continue to offer our private virtual coaching, which is one-on-one and highly individualized, we want to offer runners who may not need that level of coaching the opportunity to be a part of the Run Farther & Faster Boston Marathon training experience through our RFF → BOS Virtual Group Training Schedule.  All runners will receive:

→ A 16-week training schedule that begins on Monday, June 20th on the Final Surge platform;

→ Weekly emails with Boston-specific training tips and guidance;

→ A private Facebook group for all RFF 2021 Boston Marathon runners;

→ Periodic Zoom meetings covering coaching topics, including expert guests;

→ Boston Marathon race prep;

→ RFF → BOS shake-out run and meet-up in Boston race weekend

The RFF → BOS Virtual Group Training Schedule is perfect for those runners who are looking for a structured training approach that is more independent and hands-off than our private virtual coaching. Join us for an expert training approach, designed by coaches who have 27 cumulative Boston Marathon finishes over 20 years, with the camaraderie of the RFF community.  

Registration for the RFF → BOS Group Virtual Training Schedule for the 125th Boston Marathon is $150. Click here to register, or email JulieandLisa@runfartherandfaster.com for more information.  Registration will close on July 1st.