Ten Running Goals Unrelated to a PR

This post is part of a series by our featured blogger, Jane (IG and Twitter handles: @JaneRunsWild). This weekend I am attempting to run my first trail marathon. Since trail running is a new and exciting territory for me, my goal is to simply finish this race feeling strong and

Fitting It In and Sticking With It

Finding time to consistently exercise is challenging, particularly in our area, where the need to balance long commutes, careers, and personal obligations often interferes with our best intentions to exercise regularly. With some determination and creative scheduling, though, carving out just a small part of your day is all it

Cadence Drill

One of our favorite exercises to gauge running form is a cadence drill. Physical Therapist and runner Rachel Miller introduced us to the importance of cadence (Rachel conducts running stride clinics which we highly recommend for all runners), and we go over this exercise with all of our runners. Running