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Runners, listen up! Even the best playlists can get boring after a lot of miles, so I suggest you start tuning in to podcasts as an alternative to your top-40 playlists. Whether you are in need of some extra running or fitness motivation, lifestyle tips and hacks, or general entertainment, there is a podcast that will fit your mood.  Here are some podcasts that I am currently obsessed with now:

  1. Rich Roll: My new favorite podcast! Episodes cover a wide range of topics, but tend to focus on health, wellness, and nutrition, a balanced lifestyle, and incredible feats of athletic achievement. Rich Roll has a relaxed tone and his lengthy interviews dive deep into the lives and minds of his inspirational guests. I get very excited every time I see a new episode on my iTunes queue! Some favorite Rich Roll episodes: Stephen & David Flynn Are the Happy Pear, How Jasmin Singer Lost 100 Pounds by Finding Peace With Herself, and Robin Arzon Wants You to Shut Up and Run.
  2. Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette: Upon finishing every one of these podcasts, I immediately want to tackle something new and adventurous. Nicole has a gift for keeping conversations interesting and provides listeners with some passionate, unfiltered, honest conversations. Some favorite Real Talk episodes: Alaistar Humphry’s on Cycling Around the World, Chelsea Fagan Why We Need to be Honest About Money, Matt Frazier on Running, Compassionate Eating, and the Messy Reality of Setting Big Goals.
  3. Running on Om: A delightful podcast. As one reviewer commented, “If you are into wellness, optimal health, being active, or just need a little positive inspiration in your life, podcast host Julia Hanlon interviews runners, yogis, hikers, marathoners, ultra-marathoners, triathletes, and gets a beautiful glimpse into the lives of some seriously inspiring, motivated people doing really cool things”. I couldn’t agree more! Julia’s genuine interviews are often running and yoga focused, and are definitely worth a listen. Some favorite ROO episodes (hard to narrow the list down!): Ask Lauren Fleshman series, Real Talk Reflections series, Sally Bergesen on the Inspiration Behind Oiselle and Sports Activism, Amanda Nurse on Finding Joy in Improvement.
  4. Marathon Training Academy: Hosts Trevor and Angie Spencer have a great knack for keeping listeners informed and entertained in their running-focused podcasts. They are a cohesive pair that provide straightforward marathon and ultra-marathon reviews, running tips and lessons learned. Some favorite MTA episodes: How Running Changes Your Brain, Interview with Tom Foreman, How to Beat a Motivational Slump in Your Running, and Race Recap of the Boston Marathon.
  5. Ultramarathon News: Also known as ultra-runner podcast, this ultra-distance focused podcast is perfect for long runs where you need extra inspiration to keep going. The guests and host Eric Schranz are interesting, entertaining, and informative. Nothing like an interview with an ultra-marathon runner to get you motivated! Some favorite URT episodes: Caroline Boller Interview, Michele Yates Interview, Ethan Newberry Ginger Runner Interview.

Do you have any favorite podcasts that get you through those long runs? Let us know!

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