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We have been interviewed by and featured in several local and national publications and often speak to groups on running-related issues. Click on the links below for some of these articles, and contact us at to find out how we can serve as a resource for your article, seminar or other writing/speaking opportunity.

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Running in the Cold

Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichmann, certified running coaches with Run Farther and Faster talk with WUSA9’s Andi Hauser about how to prepare for running outside this winter.


 Julie Sapper Answers: Why Do You Need a Running Coach?

MyMCMedia’s Sonya Burke talked with Julie Sapper, co-founder of Run Farther and Faster about the benefits of hiring a running coach to help with your training on or off the track.

Inspiring Generations of Runners to Run Farther and Faster

In this MyMCMedia extra, running coaches Lisa Reichmann and Julie Sapper talk about the runners they have inspired and those that have inspired them. Take a look:

Running Boom: The Evolution and Popularity of this Sport

In this MyMCMedia extra, running coach Julie Sapper, co-founder of Run Farther and Faster, talks about the evolution and popularity of running.

Best Places to Run in Montgomery County

In this video extra, MyMCMedia’s Sonya Burke asks running coaches Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichmann to share some of their picks for best places to run in Montgomery County.

Running in Montgomery County

Anywhere you go these days in Montgomery County you are sure to pass a runner. MyMCMedia’s Sonya Burke recently interviewed two local coaches who are sharing their passion for this popular sport by helping train area runners of all abilities and experience.