Run Farther & Faster with us! Check out our group programs and our private, virtual coaching programs!  Registration is now OPEN for our popular Winter/Spring Sunday Morning program, appropriate for both runners looking to complete their first 10K (the beginner-friendly Pike's Peek 10K) as well as more experienced runners targeting the 10-mile through half marathon distances this spring, including the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler.  Our programs provide individualized coaching in a group setting. Whether you are a new runner or a veteran runner seeking a new goal, join us today!

SAVE the DATE!  On February 1st for RunFest 2015!  We hope you will join us!

Here's what our runners are saying:

"Today's time was...25:35!!!!! So huge PR that I'm pretty happy about no matter how you look at it. (Autism race was 27:08). I didn't run with a watch and the race clock wasn't working, so when I crossed the finish line and asked the lady in front of me what her finish time was, I had to ask twice. Thanks so much for helping me get there." --Nicole


"I DID IT!!!! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon!  Thank you for everything you’ve done to prepare me!  You ladies rock my socks off!!" --Biggest Loser Season 13 contestant, Lauren Lee


"Even though I just turned 44 yesterday, I can say that I am in the best shape that I have ever been, thanks to Julie and Lisa." --Ira


"Yesterday I did something I have never done before. I ran a road race. Under Coach Lisa and Coach Julie's direction, I got tougher mentally and physically. Lisa and Julie prepared me for the challenge of running my race. And without realizing it, they've helped me become a better person because I now know I can do anything if I set a goal and work towards it." --Laura


"Your advice and constant motivation from day one helped me cross that finish line. Despite being on a time crunch with just a few months left before the race, having knee/foot issues, worrying about how to beat the bridge and get the mileage I needed, I am so proud to say I did it with your help. There are so many aspects of preparing for a marathon that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise - nutrition for running longer than an hour, visualization, carboloading 2 nights before instead of 1, and prioritizing sleep." --Abby


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