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Whether you are seeking coaches to help you run your first 5K, return to running after a hiatus, achieve a new personal best, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, we have the experience and resources to fully support your goals.

RFF News

We’ve had another successful season of our popular Speed and Strength program, seeing huge gains on the track since the program began in May.  Our runners are already seeing their hard work pay off with faster race times.  One participant had this to say after setting a 5K personal record (PR), on a hilly course:

“So yesterday was the fastest 5k since I started running again in 2015.  My time was 26:22.  I had started running in 2008 and stopped in 2011 due to injuries and other health problems.  Decided to start up again in 2015.  So pretty impressed with my time considering the hills on the course and it was pretty warm especially in the later stages of the race. Thank you Julie and Lisa for another great season!”

Runners are also seeing tangible improvements in their everyday training, thanks to the improved technique and form learned through the Speed and Strength program.  Another participant had this to say:

“I just wanted to thank you for a great program.  I am thinking I’ll incorporate it again next year.  I feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of it.  Just the bits of advice you’ve both given me have been fantastic, and I have been able to add to my routine.  On Saturday, when I was running my first long run in a while, I squeezed my but going up hill and that kicked on my glutes and it was noticeably easier to get up the hill.  I consciously did that on each hill.  The run left me sore, but it was great to see how a little bit of technique could make a big difference. “

We look forward to celebrating the dividends of everyone’s hard work on the track at our goal races, Suds and Soles 5K and Autism Speaks 5K.  Stay tuned for information on our fall virtual group program.

Now is the time to sign up for private virtual coaching for 2018 goal races.  We are currently accepting new private virtual clients.  Click here for more information.

Recent RFF Virtual Coaching Client Achievements

Congratulations to:

  • Caetlin A. for setting a half marathon PR and winning her age group at the Greenbrier Half Marathon
  • Our Winter Virtual Group Program clients who successfully completed the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler and/or Pike’s Peek 10K, many setting significant personal records
  • Our Virtual Coaching clients who completed the 2018 Boston Marathon in this year’s challenging race conditions
  • Mike H. for setting a post-cancer PR at the Shamrock Marathon
  • Jen F. and Andrea M. for finishing first place in their respective age groups at the CBTF Superhero 5K
  • Kayla A. for achieving her sub-2:00 goal at the Jerusalem Half Marathon
  • Sarah B. for setting another half marathon PR (at the age of 59) at the Santa Cruz Half Marathon
  • Shawn O. for achieving his long-time goal of going sub-4:00 in the marathon at the Rock N Roll DC Marathon
  • Deb K. for setting a PR at the Austin Half Marathon
  • Caetlin A. for setting a marathon PR of 3:45 at the Rehoboth Beach Marathon
  • Deb L. for finishing the Rehoboth Beach Marathon 15 minutes faster than her last marathon finish, and just seconds off her PR
  • Kiki L. on beating her goal time at the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon, her first race after recovering from a calf strain this past summer
  • Jen F. for setting a marathon PR of 3:46 at the Philadelphia Marathon
  • Rob L. for setting a marathon PR at the NYC Marathon
  • Jen B. for setting a marathon PR, and qualifying for Boston, at the NYC Marathon
  • Nancy M. for completing her first marathon at the NYC Marathon
  • Elana F. and Marc W. on completing their first marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon
  • Liz D., Liz R., and James C. for setting a marathon PR at the Marine Corps Marathon under hot and challenging conditions
  • Mike H. for completing his first marathon post kidney cancer, at the Marine Corps Marathon
  • Kimberly S. for finishing 5th woman overall and 3rd in her age group at the Monster Mash Marathon in Dover, Delaware
  • Sam S. for setting a half marathon PR of 1:45 at the Naperville Half Marathon in Naperville, IL
  • Andrea M. on setting a marathon PR of 3:35 and qualifying for Boston at the Columbus Marathon
  • Leigh M. on setting a marathon PR with a 3:58 finish time at the Chicago Marathon
  • Sally B. on completing her first marathon, at age 58, at the Portland Marathon
  • Jen B., Ohio-based virtual coaching client, on setting a 2-minute PR at the Queen Bee Half Marathon in Cincinnati
  • Anny R. and Monica W. on qualifying for Boston at the Erie Marathon
  • Liz R. and Laura L. for setting half marathon PR’s at the Parks Half Marathon
  • Cathie S. and Marc W. for completing their first half marathon at the Parks Half Marathon
  • Jen F. on setting a 4-minute PR at the Annapolis 10-Miler
  • Sam S., Chicago-based virtual coaching client, on setting a PR at the North Shore Classic Half Marathon
  • Sarah B., San Francisco-based virtual coaching client, on setting a PR at the San Francisco Divas Half Marathon
  • Suzanne K. on completing the Fargo Marathon in 3:59:17, qualifying for Boston by more than 10 minutes