Run Farther & Faster with us! Check out our group programs and our private, virtual coaching programs!   Our programs provide individualized coaching in a group setting. Whether you are a new runner or a veteran runner seeking a new goal, join us today!

Registration for our Fall Sunday Morning Group Program is now open.  Click here for more information and register by August 1st to receive an August training calendar.  

Thank you to those who helped us make RunFest 2015 such a successful event!  We are looking forward to RunFest 2016, so save the date and plan to join us on Sunday, February 7th.  To see pictures from the RunFest 2015, click here.

Here's what our runners are saying:

"I have to say a huge thanks to Julie and Lisa... [we] were approached by 4 separate people at the autism run about how we trained and what our group was... I was beyond proud to say we are part of run farther faster that trains people to do more at whatever level they are at!! Way to go girls and thanks." --Heather W.
I really appreciated your attention and input...that allowed me to have in-the-moment personalized feedback. That is priceless and so important."  --Halelly
"As I have said many times, I love your programs - you two have such great charisma, caring attitudes - and you're both so smart and full of information! It's a winning combination, for sure!"  --Karen S.

"Today's time was...25:35!!!!! So huge PR that I'm pretty happy about no matter how you look at it. (Autism race was 27:08). I didn't run with a watch and the race clock wasn't working, so when I crossed the finish line and asked the lady in front of me what her finish time was, I had to ask twice. Thanks so much for helping me get there." --Nicole

"I DID IT!!!! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon!  Thank you for everything you’ve done to prepare me!  You ladies rock my socks off!!" --Biggest Loser Season 13 contestant, Lauren Lee

"Even though I just turned 44 yesterday, I can say that I am in the best shape that I have ever been, thanks to Julie and Lisa." --Ira

"Yesterday I did something I have never done before. I ran a road race. Under Coach Lisa and Coach Julie's direction, I got tougher mentally and physically. Lisa and Julie prepared me for the challenge of running my race. And without realizing it, they've helped me become a better person because I now know I can do anything if I set a goal and work towards it." --Laura

"Your advice and constant motivation from day one helped me cross that finish line. Despite being on a time crunch with just a few months left before the race, having knee/foot issues, worrying about how to beat the bridge and get the mileage I needed, I am so proud to say I did it with your help. There are so many aspects of preparing for a marathon that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise - nutrition for running longer than an hour, visualization, carboloading 2 nights before instead of 1, and prioritizing sleep." --Abby